Standard Deep Cleaning

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Our standard deep cleaning is designed to ensure quality.

Standard Deep Clean – Bring your home back to a maintained condition with our “Standard Deep Clean”. Our Standard Deep Clean is the initial cleaning service, before moving into a Standard Clean maintenance program. It can also be scheduled as a one time service (think: Spring cleaning or pre-holiday cleaning!). Has it been too long since your home or office has been on a consistent cleaning program? Is soap scum building up in your shower? Are dust bunnies and pet hair taking over? We suggest our Standard Deep Clean to bring your home up to a throughly maintained condition.

Enjoy the benefits of efficient deep cleaning.

Thanks to our proven methods and quality supplies, we’ll make your home dust and germ-free. We’ll be on time and ready to handle every task on your extensive checklist. Once we’re done, you can count on:

  • Extra free time to do whatever you feel like.
  • Fewer exhausting errands to tackle.
  • Better, professional-grade precision.
  • Decreased dust and germ accumulation.
  • Improved appearance of your space.

Our well-trained and well-equipped cleaning crew delivers the following services:

  • Cleaning estimates for free
  • No-hassle guarantee
  • Advanced approaches and procedures
  • Personalized cleaning schedules